Information for career advisors


Choosing a career path can be an overwhelming experience, especially for students.

Information on this page will help parents, guardians, careers advisors and schools provide support to those who are interested in exploring teaching as a profession, and help spark curiosity in those who may not have considered it for themselves yet.

Future Teachers initiatives

A range of Future Teachers initiatives is available to Queensland state secondary and P–10/12 schools to support and encourage students to get started on their pathway to a teaching career.

If you would like more information please contact the Future Teachers Project team at

The Future Teachers Program

The Future Teachers Program is aimed at senior students in Years 11 and 12 with a B Grade average or above.

Participants complete introductory courses in an initial teacher education program through an approved Queensland university.

The program offers students a supported pathway into an initial teacher education qualification and provides them with credit for their tertiary courses on completion of secondary school.

Key points:

  • Schools identify potential participants interested in teaching as a career and choose a partner university. View the Future Teachers Program 2020 university partners (PDF, 109KB).
  • Students complete tertiary courses towards an initial teacher education qualification.
  • The department provides financial support for additional school resourcing to implement the program and covers university course fees for participants.
  • Participants who successfully complete the program and meet university entry requirements will be offered a placement to continue their initial teacher education program once they finish secondary school.

The Future Teachers Club

The Future Teachers Club is an extra/co-curricular opportunity for students in Years 7–10 (or 7–12 where the school does not offer the Future Teachers Program) enabling participants to explore teaching as a career through guided activities.

Key points:

  • Schools identify students who may be interested in exploring teaching as a career.
  • The department provides financial support for additional school resourcing to implement club activities.
  • Students engage in teaching and leadership activities such as reading with primary students or planning a micro lesson.
  • Students develop their skills and strengthen an interest for the teaching profession.

Resources for schools

These resources can help career advisors and schools to support students to Discover a career in teaching.


Share the benefits of a career in teaching with this flyer (PDF, 935KB), which details the steps to become a teacher.

Action cards

These cards include the steps to become a teacher and space to tell your students why you think they would make a great teacher.

Print the action cards (PDF, 541KB) onto card or paper, double sided, and cut to size.


Download, print out and pin these posters up as part of a careers display.

Social media and newsletter images

Use these images in your school newsletters and social media (make sure you use the #teachqld hashtag).

Information about teaching careers

Parents and carers can direct their children to information on this website to help them decide if teaching is a suitable career for them. This includes:

If your child is already interested in pursuing teaching as a career, help ensure they are properly prepared for their teaching degree by knowing:

You can also contact your child's school directly for more information about teaching careers and study options.

Last updated 17 March 2021