Regional Professional Experience Grant


​​​​​Eligible preservice teachers​ undertaking a professional experience placement during Semester 1 2024 could receive a grant of up to $3,400 to assist with organising placement-related travel expenses.

Why you should apply

This grant is a terrific opportunity for you to experience teaching, living and exploring the local community and surrounds, and to see if the personal and professional benefits of teaching and living in a regional community is the right fit for you.​

Who the grant is for​

The g​rant is for third or fourth year undergraduate and first or second year postgraduate Initial Teacher Education students (preservice teachers).

To be eligible for this grant, the ​(minimum consecutive) 15-day placement must be undertaken in a Queensland state school that has a transfer rating of TR​2–TR3, is at least 2 hours travel (each way) from your current home address to the state school and is within 1 of the priority locations:​

Select schools in the North Coast and Metropolitan South are eligible for this grant. Refer to the maps under 'documents' on the Smart Jobs website for the eligible schools which are highlighted blue or orange.

How to apply​

For placements in TR2–TR3 state schools between 18 January to 21 June 2024, apply online via the Smart jobs website.

If your placement is in a Queensland state school that has a transfer rating of TR4–TR7 within the locations listed above, you should check the eligible schools ​for the Beyond the Range Professional Experience Grant​. Private and independent schools are not eligible for the grant.

Applications for the Semester 1 2024 grant will close 7 June 2024 or when the allocation for the semester is finished.

Applications will not progress unless a complete application is provided via the Smart jobs website (create an account if needed). The application includes completing an online questionnaire and under the ‘upload files’ section, upload your current academic transcript, confirmation of enrolment, valid blue card, confirmation of the placement, resume and placement reports.

Apply now

Semester 2 2024

​If you have a placement in a regional Queensland state school​ in Semester 2 2024 (8 July to 13 December), register your interest below and we'll alert you when applications open later in the year.

Alert me

The grant offering, eligibility, particulars and conditions are provided at the department's discretion, however, it's envisaged that the eligibility criteria for the Semester 1 2024 grant will continue for Semester 2 2024.

Further information​

Receipts for placement-related travel expenses (i.e. transport, accommodation, meals and incidentals) should be kept until the placement is completed. It’s also recommended that financial advice be sought regarding potential implications to current and future income and/or benefits received.

Detailed informa​tion about this grant, including steps on how to apply, maps of eligible schools, a checklist of the documents to provide (PDF, 105KB) with your online application and the conditions for payment, is available in the fact sheet (PDF, 101KB​).


If you would like to talk to us about the grant, contact the Scholarships and Grants team by email at or by phone (07) 3055 2969.​​​


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Last updated 05 January 2024