Pathways for teacher aides


Working as a teacher aide in Queensland

We love our teacher aides! Teacher aides provide valuable teaching and learning support in our state schools. They work closely with teachers, developing and obtaining resources, setting up and operating equipment, supervising students and participating in learning activities under the direction of a teacher.

Some schools welcome the opportunity to employ people who are studying to be teachers as teacher aides.

It’s a highly rewarding and appreciated role.

By providing a wide range of support to students, teacher aides gain an unparalleled insight into what it's like to be a teacher and so, may wish to do further study to become a teacher.

Teacher aide qualifications

You don’t need a formal qualification to gain employment as a teacher aide in Queensland state schools. Once employed you may be eligible to be paid at a higher level if you possess a relevant qualification.

If you’re looking for a study pathway to assist you with progressing in a career as a teacher aide or gaining higher level skills in order to be able to demonstrate a broad range of capabilities when applying for teacher aide roles you should consider Certificate III or IV or Diploma level courses in Education Support. Qualifications at these levels are endorsed for education support workers throughout Australia.

To enquire about courses you need to speak directly to a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Visit the Australian Government Training website to find an RTO near you.

Upgrade your teacher aide qualification to become a teacher

After working as a teacher aide, you may be inspired to engage in further study to become a teacher.

The Certificate IV and Diploma of Education Support courses offered by TAFE Queensland may assist you in seeking to study a Bachelor of Education. Each Higher Education Institution (University) will have their own process for assessing how you meet their entry requirements as well as consideration of credit towards your degree at one of TAFE's partner universities, including Griffith University, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), University of Southern Queensland and The University of Queensland (UQ).

For details, enquire directly with TAFE Queensland.


From teacher aide to preservice teacher - Carol's journey

Carol always wanted to be a teacher, however like many others, explored other opportunities first. Working as a teacher aide, she was inspired to follow her passion of becoming a teacher. In this video, she shares her journey from teacher aide to preservice teacher and her advice for anyone thinking of going to university to become a teacher.

From teacher aide to teacher

Daniel is studying to become a teacher at Lockyer District State High School. Daniel attended the school as a student, went on to work there as a teacher aide, and when he completes his studies, will return to the front of the classroom as a teacher.

"Everything starts with education, whether you want to be a doctor, electrician, work in human resources or anything like that. I get to go to sleep at the end of every night knowing that I’m helping someone achieve their personal goals."

Last updated 09 June 2020