Study teaching at high school


If you already see yourself in front of a classroom of your own, then you might be interested in exploring teaching as a career, or even starting your university studies early.

Study sooner through a Queensland university 

Several Queensland tertiary institutions offer programs to secondary students. This allows you to fast track your studies by reducing the number of courses you need to complete when you’re at university. Some universities might also offer you direct entry once you graduate from school.

The current programs include:

Financial help while you study

Students in a Queensland state secondary school who study one of the approved initial teacher education programs, and who aren’t part of the Future Teachers Program, may be eligible for financial and peer support through the Future Teachers Bursary. 

The Future Teachers Bursary covers the cost of courses and helps with some study related expenses.

We also offer a range of scholarships and grants to continue to support you throughout your teaching degree and career.

Connect with other future teachers

If you’re a student in a Queensland state secondary or P-10/12 school, you may also be able to join a Future Teachers Program, or Future Teachers Club through your school.

The Future Teachers Program

The Future Teachers Program is for senior students ready to start their teaching degree. It supports you to complete introductory courses in an approved initial teacher education program (PDF, 5.8MB) while you are still completing your senior schooling.

Ask your school careers advisor if the Future Teachers Program is offered at your school, or direct them to this information for schools about Future Teachers Initiatives.

The Future Teachers Club 

If you’re not quite ready to start studying a teaching degree yet, you may be able to join the Future Teachers Club. Club activities allow you to explore teaching as a career choice while gaining valuable skills for further education.

The Future Teachers Club is aimed at students in Years 7 to 10, but may also be available for senior students in some schools. 

Ask your school careers advisor if the Future Teachers Club is offered at your school, or direct them to this information for schools about Future Teachers Initiatives.

Ready to begin your teaching career?

Connect with us if you have any burning questions about life as a teacher. 

If you’re feeling equipped with all the information and inspiration you need to commit to your teaching career—then follow this roadmap to begin

Last updated 28 January 2020