Rural and remote benefits


Benefits of teaching in rural and remote schools

There are a lot of great reasons to teach in a rural and remote community, like fulfilling your sense of adventure and connecting deeply with your school community. The work itself can be life changing, and there are generous financial allowances, assistance to move and career progression opportunities. There are also more permanent employment opportunities in rural and remote schools than in schools in Brisbane or the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.

Depending on the location, benefits can include:

Which locations are eligible for incentives?

Every state school has an allocated transfer rating from one to seven. Teachers in schools with a transfer rating between four and seven may be eligible to receive the relevant rural and remote incentives. Schools with ratings of one and two are generally in metropolitan and regional cities and do not attract additional incentives or locality allowances. In addition, if you are permanently appointed to a school with a transfer rating between four and seven, after a number of years in that location you may be entitled to seek a guaranteed transfer to a school in your preferred geographic location.

Financial allowances

In addition to your salary, depending on the location, you may be entitled to receive:

  • a compensation allowance, for you and your dependants to compensate you for the cost of travelling in and out of your community
  • an incentive allowance, to allow you to extend your stay in your chosen community
  • a locality allowance, which is a specific allocation of funds for your location
  • an identified location allowance, if you’re teaching in an identified Indigenous community
  • a compensation benefit flight option, for teachers working in specific schools in communities under government reform.

Calculate your potential benefits

For specific information about these benefits, download the Choose your teaching adventure brochure (PDF, 4.8MB) or the Remote Area Incentive Scheme (RAIS) Procedure (DOCX, 447KB) which contains detailed policy information as well as application and declaration forms.

Subsidised teacher accommodation

Subsidised rental rates may be available for teachers and their families in some rural and remote locations when we’re able to provide access to teacher accommodation. These rates can vary depending on the location.

Transfer and appointment assistance

If you accept a permanent or long-term temporary role in a location that requires you to move from your current place of residence, you may be eligible for support to help your move, including reimbursement of some expenses.

Payments or reimbursements may cover:

  • moving employees and family along with personal effects
  • temporary board and lodging
  • other expenses related to taking up duty.

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Last updated 24 November 2020