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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Loo​king for adventure? A teaching career could take you to rural and remote Queensland

If you are up for a unique and life-changing adventure, teaching in a rural or remote community could be the perfect career for you. State schools in these locations are more likely to have jobs available and offer a range of lifestyle opportunities you may not get to experience in the city.

Most permanent teaching vacancies each year are in the Darling Downs South West, Central Queensland, North Queensland and Far North Queensland​ regions.

In addition to salary, teachers in our rural and remote communities may have access to a range of additional benefits, including:

  • financial support for individuals and families through the Recognition of Rural and Remote Service (RoRRS) scheme​
  • relocation assistance
  • subsidised housing (in some locations)
  • tailored induction
  • more opportunities for career progression
  • professional learning and wellbeing support from Centres for Learning and Wellbeing, and Teacher Learning Centres.​

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You can also download the choose your teaching adventure booklet to compare the potential financial support in each school by each region (transfer rating 4–7 only) or calculate the potential benefits you might be eligible for at a particular school using our online calculator​.


Are you one of the people our young people need? Learn about the many benefits of teaching in a rural and remote location.


Benefits of teaching in rural and remote schools

Be a valued member of the community

Parents in rural and remote locations are passionate about their children’s education and value passionate teachers who care about their children’s success. Your commitment will be rewarded by being warmly welcomed into their community and introduced to the many positive aspects of rural and remote living.


Shontelle reflects on her move to the outback town of Cunnamulla and how she and her family have been welcomed by the community.

Read more about Shontelle's experience in Cunnamulla.

Many great places to raise a family

Many of our rural and remote communities are great and safe places to raise a family. With an abundance of space to run around in and plenty of fresh air, your kids will have opportunities to exercise, explore, make friends and learn about the natural world around them. With a shorter commute time in many locations, you’ll also have more time to spend with the kids and make life-long memories.


Monique Podolak has been a teacher in Emerald for the past 14 years. Since arriving in Emerald, she now has 2 children and is enjoying a relaxed and safe lifestyle with her family.

Read more about Monique's experience in Emerald.

We cover your moving costs there and back

If you accept a permanent or long-term temporary role in a location that requires you to move from your current place of residence, you may be eligible for support to help your move, including reimbursement of some expenses.

Payments or reimbursements may cover:

  • moving employees and family along with personal effects
  • temporary board and lodging
  • other expenses related to taking up duty.

Subsidised housing is offered in some locations

Subsidised rental rates may be available for teachers and their families in some rural and remote locations when we’re able to provide access to teacher accommodation. These rates can vary depending on the location and are subject to availability. Our teacher housing policy provides more detailed information.

If this is something that is important to you, chat to our recruiters about the options in the geographic area you are considering teaching in.

Opportunities for professional learning and career progression

Teachers who have taught in rural and remote communities often cite the professional learning and career progression opportunities they received as one of the key reasons they valued the experience.

When you teach rural or remote, you’ll have access to professional learning opportunities like you would in the city, but in addition, you may also be supported by one of our 4 rural and remote Centres for Learning and Wellbeing located in Atherton (Far North Queensland), Mount Isa (North Queensland), Emerald (Central Queensland) and Roma (Darling Downs South West) or Teacher Learning Centres. You may also have opportunities to take on additional responsibilities and accelerate your leadership options. We’ll also support you to pursue voluntary national Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher certification if you choose to do so. If your career goals relate to stepping up into leadership in a rural or remote school, our Take the Lead program can support you to achieve your dream.

In some locations, we will also provide you with specialised induction and onboarding programs, including cultural awareness training when necessary, to ensure you have everything you need to be successful in your new community.

If you’re an experienced teacher in a transfer rating 4 to 7 school location with at least 2 years’ experience, we may also support you to complete an additional post-graduate qualification within the education field through a professional learning grant.


Teaching in Cunnamulla has provided Shontelle with the professional development and support to progress her teaching career.

Read more about how she has been supported.

Financial allowances and benefits that may support your rural and remote adventure

In addition to your salary, depending on the location, you may be entitled to receive:

  • a one-off beginning teacher payment
  • a recognition of location travel allowance, for you and your dependants to offset your cost of travelling in and out of your community
  • a locality allowance, which is a specific allocation of funds for your location
  • an identified location allowance, if you’re teaching in an identified Indigenous community
  • a recognition of location travel flight option, for teachers working in specific schools in communities under government reform
  • an additional return flight to Horn Island or Cairns, for you and your eligible dependants, if you are teaching at a state school in our most remote outer island communities of the Torres Straits
  • a specified site allowance.

If you extend your stay and continue to teach in rural or remote locations for longer than the required minimum service period, you may also be entitled to receive an additional allowance in some communities (known as a recognition of service payment).

Which locations are eligible for benefits?

Every state school has an allocated transfer rating from one to seven. Teachers in schools with a transfer rating between 4 and 7 may be eligible to receive the allowances above. Schools with ratings of one and two are generally in metropolitan and regional cities and do not attract additional financial and non-financial benefits.

In addition, if you are permanently appointed to a school with a transfer rating between 4 and 7, after a number of years in that location you may be entitled to seek a guaranteed transfer to a school in your preferred geographic location.

Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) debt reduction

If you extend your stay in a remote community, you may also be eligible for a reduction of your HELP debt from the Australian Government.

Visit the Department of Education, Skills and Employment website for more information.

Enjoy Queensland’s beauty on your doorstep

Whether you prefer to spend your weekends by the beach, camping, fishing, bushwalking or socialising over a coffee, you’ll find a community in Queensland that can offer you the lifestyle you are seeking, all with the added benefit of peace and tranquility and no peak hour traffic. Bonus!

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Last updated 15 February 2023