North Queensland region


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Sunny North Queensland is a diverse geographic region, offering a range of teaching experiences in unique and spectacular locations—from the Whitsundays, up the coast to Townsville, west through to Mount Isa and up to the Gulf of Carpentaria. The region is home to welcoming communities, a laid-back culture, rich history and ancient landscapes waiting to be explored.​ From holiday spam-worthy beaches to the rusted dirt of Queensland’s outback, there's something for everyone in North Queensland!

Queensland map with North Queensland region highlighted. Townsville, Charters Towers and Mt Isa are included in this region.
North Queensland region (JPG, 127​​KB)

North Queensland schools at a glance

The North Queensland region currently has:

  • 33,109 students*
  • 3,218 teachers**
  • 81 primary schools***
  • 15 secondary schools***
  • 8 P–10/12 schools***
  • 3 special schools***
  • 2 schools of distance education***
  • 1 environmental education centre***
  • 1 education and training centre***.

* As at September 2023.
** As at September 2023.
*** As at September 2023​.

Tea​ching an​d living in the region

North Queenslanders enjoy a warm and sunny climate all year round, with humidity along the coastline and dry heat further inland.

When you start your adventure in the North Queensland region, you'll be exposed to a range of diverse teaching experiences in unique and spectacular locations. You'll find opportunities to teach in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and we will support you​ with professional development (like language pedagogy and cross-cultural awareness) to help you engage students in learning.

When you apply to teach with us, you will be asked to nominate where in the North Queensland region you would like to teach: Townsville and surrounds or Mt Isa and surrounds. View these 2 geographic pages below.


Teaching in rural and remote North Queensland communities

There are many personal, professional and financial benefits you’ll discover when you teach in a rural or remote community. Not only is there a high demand for teachers in these communities, but there are also opportunities for professional development and career development.

If you accept a permanent or long-term temporary role in a location that requires you to move, we may help you with this, including reimbursement of some expenses.

In addition to your salary, you may also be eligible for additional financial benefits and in some locations, we offer subsidised rent.

Find out more on the rural and remote benefits page.


Ben talks about his experience living and teaching on Palm Island.

Professional development

When you teach in our North Queensland region, you’ll have access to a number of professional development programs.

Apply to teach in North Queensland

If you'd like to teach in a Queensland state school, you’ll first need to submit an application for teacher employment. You can apply at any time.

To learn more about working in any part of the North Queensland region, contact our North Queensland team at or call (07) 4758 3357.

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Last updated 17 January 2024