Central Queensland region


​​​​​​​​​​​​​Coral, coal and cane – CU in CQ!

Central Queensland covers the seaside cities of Mackay, Gladstone and Rockhampton, travels through the Gemfields and the inland city of Emerald and out to Longreach. It includes the rural towns in the Wide Bay, Coalfields, and remote outback towns reaching to Birdsville, ending at the Queensland border.


Central Queensland schools at a glance

The Central Queensland region currently has:

  • 142 primary schools
  • 25 secondary schools
  • 18 P-10/12 schools
  • 3,710 teachers
  • 46,730 students.

Distance is no barrier for our students in outback Central Queensland. We are able to offer lessons through the Schools of Distance Education for those unable to attend mainstream schools.

You can search our schools directory map for a list of the schools located in this region and their contact details.

Teaching and living in the region

With a sub-tropical climate, Central Queenslanders enjoy an average of 300 days of sunshine every year. If you're looking for great weather to enjoy the great outdoors, then this region should be high on your list!

Across Central Queensland, there are abundant employment opportunities for partners or family members, affordable housing and access to excellent health, education (including universities), transport and leisure facilities.

We offer subsidised teacher accommodation in some rural areas, though this is subject to availability and many schools qualify for recognition of rural and remote service scheme.


Lauren talks about her experience living and teaching in Moranbah.

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Priority opportunities

There are opportunities for teachers across much of the region, but particularly schools in:

  • the bustling coastal city of Mackay
  • Rockhampton, the beef capital of Australia
  • Gladstone (conveniently located at the centre of the Southern Great Barrier Reef!)

Things to do

Living in the heart of Queensland has lots to offer, including friendly locals and vibrant communities. You’ll also find endless things to do and experience. The region has a diverse landscape of quintessential Australian outback towns, desert plains, tropical rainforests and sprawling beaches.

Here are 10 ways to explore the Central Queensland region in your downtime:

  1. Visit Emerald Historic Railway Station, built in 1900.
  2. Drive around Winton and beyond.
  3. Enjoy the rainforest by having a Forest Flying eco-tourism experience.
  4. Scuba dive at Keswick Island.
  5. Enjoy family fun time in Mackay and surrounding areas.
  6. Watch a movie the old-fashioned way at the Royal Open Air Theatre.
  7. Explore mother nature at Emerald Botanic Gardens.
  8. Experience the famous Birdsville Races, often considered the Melbourne Cup of the outback.
  9. Explore the World War I Memorial Journey.
  10. Discover the Limestone outcrops and dense, decorated caves of the Mount Etna Caves National Park.

Apply to teach in Central Queensland

If you'd like to teach in a Queensland state school, you’ll first need to submit an application for teacher employment. You can apply at any time.

To learn more about working in any part of the Central Queensland region, contact our Central Queensland team at

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 Central Queensland region teachers' stories

Last updated 22 November 2021