Pay and benefits


​​Teacher pay and benefits

Did you know that in Queensland, our current full-time beginning teacher salary is one of the highest graduate starting salaries in the country? It’s true.

We believe that investing in our teachers is investing in our students. Here’s what you can expect to earn as a teacher in Queensland state schools.

How much can I earn as a sta​te school teacher?

Your teacher salary is determined by your years of service, qualifications and prior teaching and/or industry experience. Salaries are based on the current awards and agreements for public sector employees.

For a permanent or temporary beginning teacher with a 4-year degree, the base salary in Queensland state schools is approximately $81​,628 per year. Casual teachers in Queensland state schools are paid approximately $88 per hour.

As you progress along your career path, and as you gain more years of experience teaching in our schools, the following approximate base salaries apply.​

  • Teacher: $81,628-$108,359
  • Senior teacher: $113,329
  • Experienced senior teacher: $117,642
  • Highly accomplished teacher: $126,961
  • Lead teacher: $138,607
  • Head of department (Curriculum): $136,976-$139,400
  • Deputy Principal: $152,461-$155,156
  • Principal: $138,349-$228,649

As at August 2023.

After you’ve been teaching for a while, you can apply to become a senior teacher, experienced senior teacher or highly accomplished and lead teacher and continue working in the classroom. If leadership is something you aspire to, you could work your way up to a range of leadership roles, including Head of Department (Curriculum) through to Principal.

For specific information about salary rates in Queensland state schools, download the salary classification levels (XLS, 209KB). Please note, a beginning teacher with a 4-year degree will start on band 2, step 1 of the salary schedule.

Leave entitlements and benefits

Not only do we offer our teachers top salaries, but we also provide many leave entitlements to ensure you maintain a healthy balance between your professional and personal lives. The major types of leave available include:

  • sick leave
  • long service leave of 1.3 weeks for each year of continuous service, which can be accessed after 7 years
  • paid parental leave, including maternity, paternity, surrogacy and adoption leave
  • leave for study and examination purposes
  • special leave for absences of specific purposes, such as compassionate grounds, sporting competitions or jury duty
  • 7 years unpaid leave for family responsibility reasons.

Other rewards and benefits include:

Access extra benefits by working remote

We have schools located throughout the state from metropolitan schools in Brisbane to remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, and many in between. Rural and remote schools are considered high priority areas and as such, you may receive extra benefits for working there.

Learn more about our recognition of rural and remote service scheme.

Last updated 30 January 2024