10 tips for beginning teachers


Are you starting out in the classroom for the first time? We know there can be a lot to get to grips with as a new teacher, so we've pulled together some advice we've collected from people who've recently made the transition from preservice to beginning teacher.

  1. 'Don't be scared to push yourself out of your comfort zone and give new things a go! My most rewarding experience has been embedding Age Appropriate Pedagogies into my classroom. What started off as something so new and challenging has turned into a huge passion of mine. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone has benefitted not only me, but also my students.'—Rebecca, Primary Teacher

  2. 'It's okay to be a beginner! Nobody starts out amazing at anything. We don't put unrealistic expectations on our students, but so often we have unrealistic expectations of ourselves. Stop. Breathe. Try again. You'll make it in the end!' —Nina, Primary Teacher

  3. 'Buckle in and enjoy the ride! The first year of teaching is a tremendous adventure with many ups and downs. In order to cope with pressure, look after your health—physical and mental, you are a human. Help is there for those who ask. Celebrate your successes, reflect on the tough times.'—Aaron, Secondary Teacher

  4. 'First year can be tough… Look after yourself. Jump straight in and email/call parents to deal with behaviour early.'—Allan, English and History Teacher
  5. 'Be a sponge—really try to learn from those experienced teachers, but also don't be afraid to share your thoughts and ideas as well. Teaching is a profession where you're constantly learning from people. Be confident in your own abilities and work with your staff to cater to kids.'—Matt, Primary Teacher

  6. 'Get profiled as early and as often as possible. Use profilers to help guide continual reflection on your practice. If your school doesn't have trained profilers, request the training for yourself.'—Lee, Master Teacher, Secondary

  7. 'Look, listen and learn. What does this entail? Seek advice from your experienced colleagues—there is no such thing as a silly question. We were all beginning teachers once, so we can all relate to the feelings of nervousness and apprehension mixed with the excitement and eagerness a new teacher has when they begin their career.'—Linda, Primary Teacher

  8. 'Have a really good sense of humour and sense of adventure. Get ready to get stuck into it and just enjoy it because your time flies. Two years, three years—it will be over before you know it and you'll really miss it.'—Adrian, Secondary Teacher

  9. 'Use the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers as a self-reflection tool to recognise your current and developing capabilities, professional aspirations and achievements. Incorporate the best of what you see, hear and learn with your already emerging teaching style to develop your own unique classroom practice. Develop your tool kit of strategies, broaden your knowledge of curriculum and inject that passion for helping every student succeed.'—Linda, Primary Teacher

  10. 'Focus on the three Rs. Relationships: the foundation of your success is built on your connection with students, colleagues, families and yourself, which links to… reflection: develop and maintain a habit of self-reflective practice, which links to… research: stay connected to the big pictures in education, don't devolve your professional knowledge to others.'—Megan, Master Teacher, Primary

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Last updated 15 May 2020