Rural and remote incentives

There are a lot of great reasons to teach in our rural and remote communities. The work itself can be life changing and there are also generous financial benefits, assistance to move and career progression opportunities.

Depending on location, benefits can include:

  • permanency
  • cash benefits
  • extended and additional leave entitlements
  • specialised induction programs
  • subsidised housing
  • flight allowances
  • generous transfer and relocation expense assistance.

Which locations are eligible for incentives?

Teachers in schools with a transfer rating between 4 and 7 are entitled to receive the relevant benefits. Every school has an allocated transfer rating from 1 to 7. Schools with ratings 1 and 2 are generally in metropolitan and regional cities, moving out through rural locations to the most remote 7 point locations. 

Teachers accrue points each year, and these are used to determine the success of a transfer request (in conjunction with vacancy demand).

Use the Schools Directory Map to search for individual schools and sort by their transfer rating.

Financial benefits

Additional to your salary, you may be entitled to:

  • Compensation benefit for you and your dependants to compensate you for the cost of travelling in and out of your community.
  • Incentive benefit to allow you to extend your stay in your chosen community.
  • Locality allowance, which is a specific allocation of funds for your particular location.

For more information about specific locations, download the Choose your teaching adventure brochure (PDF, 7.4MB) or visit the Remote Area Incentive Scheme (RAIS) Procedure (DOCX, 447KB) which contains detailed policy information as well as application and declaration forms.

rural and remote financial benefits table 

For example, if you teach at Bloomfield River State School (7C), you are entitled to a Compensation Benefit of $3,000, an Incentive Benefit of $6,000 plus a Locality Allowance of $2,744.

That's an extra $11,744 per year!

If you take the family*** you are entitled to Compensation Benefit of $3,000 plus an Incentive Benefit of $6,000, a Dependant Benefit of $6,750 plus a Locality Allowance of $5,489.

That's an extra $21,239 per year!

* The Compensation Benefit is an annual amount paid per semester.

** Teachers in a TR4 - TR6 school receive an annual payment in the fourth and fifth year while teachers in a TR 7 school receive annual payments in their third, fourth and fifth year in their remote community.

*** Taking the family figures based on teacher, spouse, one child under 14 and one child over 14.

**** Figures are correct as at March 2019.

Subsidised teacher accommodation

Subsidised housing rates are available for teachers and their families in many rural and remote locations.

For example, the maximum amount of rent paid by teachers in schools with a transfer rating of 7 is $71 per fortnight.

Transfer and appointment assistance

If you are a relocating employee or a new appointment, you may be eligible for reimbursement of relocation expenses. A transfer within the same city or town area is not eligible for this assistance.

Payments or reimbursements may cover:

  • conveying employees and family along with personal effects
  • temporary board and lodging
  • other expenses related to taking up duty.

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Last updated 27 March 2019

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