North Queensland region


Townsville tropics to the iconic Isa

Sunny North Queensland is a diverse geographical region, offering a range of teaching experiences in unique and spectacular locations – Townsville, Whitsundays, west through to Mount Isa and up to the Gulf of Carpentaria. From holiday spam-worthy beaches to the rusted dirt of Queensland’s outback... there's something for everyone in North Queensland!

North Queensland schools at a glance

The North Queensland region currently has:

  • 81 primary schools
  • 15 secondary schools
  • 7 P-10/12 schools
  • 2 Schools of Distance Education
  • 3 Special schools
  • an Education and Training Centre
  • an Environmental Education Centre
  • 2,778 teachers
  • 33,030 students.

You can search our schools directory map for a list of the schools located in this region and their contact details.

Teaching and living in the region

North Queenslanders enjoy a warm and sunny climate all year round, with humidity along the coastline and dry heat further inland. The major regional city, Townsville, provides all of the modern conveniences of a big city without the commute time.

Mount Isa is one of our other key hubs, with a population of around 22,000. Despite its regional location, it acts as a major service centre for the area and has all the necessities, cafes, restaurants and events to satisfy your needs.

When you start your adventure in the North Queensland region, you'll be exposed to a range of diverse teaching experiences in unique and spectacular locations. You'll find opportunities to teach in Indigenous communities, and be supported with professional development (like language pedagogy and cross-cultural awareness) to help you engage students in learning.

We also offer subsidised teacher accommodation and remote area incentives in a number of rural and remote school locations within this region.

Professional development

There are a number of professional development programs that you have access to when you teach with us.

In addition, our Centre for Learning and Wellbeing (CLAW) supports teachers and school leaders at all stages of their career. Located in Mount Isa, the CLAW supports staff in some of North Queensland's most rural and remote locations to ensure you are adequately prepared from the beginning of your teaching journey and beyond.

Our Teacher Learning Centre (TLC) supports teachers in the remaining areas of the region, working alongside the regional capability team to ensure full alignment of support is provided to beginning and early career teachers between both the TLC and the CLAW.

Priority opportunities

We're seeking primary and secondary teachers for our schools in:

  • remote locations, such as Doomadgee, Palm Island and Mornington Island
  • Mount Isa and surrounds (Cloncurry, Hughenden, Richmond)
  • Charters Towers
  • Whitsunday region (Cannonvale, Collinsville and Bowen)
  • Ayr/Burdekin
  • Townsville.

Things to do

Whether you're looking for warm sandy beaches, cool rainforests, bustling cities or the untouched beauty of the vast Australian outback, the North Queensland region contains the beach to the bush and everything in between.

You'll find options for the outdoor adventurer, like fishing and water sports in the most breathtaking, tropical locations; camping and hiking in rainforest and bushland areas; and exhilarating thrill-seeking activities, including sky diving, jet skiing, scuba diving and rock climbing.

Here are 10 ways to explore the North Queensland region in your downtime:

  1. Discover Townsville's thriving beach foreshore, The Strand.
  2. View the 'oasis of the outback', at the Mount Isa City Lookout.
  3. Enjoy the picturesque beauty of Magnetic Island's many beaches and the forts walk through the national park.
  4. Overlook Townsville and its stunning surroundings, from the top of Castle Hill.
  5. Uncover Australian history and heritage by day and spend your evening recapturing some of the nostalgia of the drive-in era, viewing the latest films in Charters Towers.
  6. Explore all the Hinchinbrook region has to offer by visiting the hidden waterfalls and Crystal Creek.
  7. Spend your weekends front row at a Cowboys home game or be trackside at the Townsville 400 V8 Supercar event.
  8. Adventure to the North West for some of the outback's renowned and show-stopping events such as the Mount Isa Mines Rotary Rodeo, the Julia Creek Dirt n Dust or the Boulia Camel Races. The Mount Isa Rodeo is the biggest and richest rodeo in the Southern Hemisphere!
  9. Camp your way through Adels Grove and the Lawn Hill National Park, enjoying the serenity of waking up riverside, while stopping in to compete in the Gregory Canoe Race and celebrating the unique community atmosphere.
  10. Travel south of Townsville to relish in the fresh fruit and vegetables on offer in the Burdekin, before heading to the Whitsundays to do a spot of reef fishing or relaxing on your long weekends.

Apply to teach in North Queensland

If you'd like to teach in a Queensland state school, you’ll first need to submit an application for teacher employment. You can apply at any time.

To learn more about working in any part of the North Queensland region, contact our North Queensland team at or call (07) 4758 3357.

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 Teacher experiences in our region

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Last updated 02 September 2020