Teacher registration in Queensland

Gaining teacher registration is an important landmark in a teacher's career. It means you have met the professional standards for entry into the profession in Queensland and are eligible for employment in both state and non-state Queensland schools.

How to register

To be eligible to be employed as a teacher in any Queensland school, you need to obtain teacher registration from the Queensland College of Teachers (QCT). The QCT is a separate authority to the department and manages all teacher registrations in Queensland, including state and non-state schools.

When to apply for teacher registration

You should apply for teacher registration when you're in your final semester of your teaching degree. Once your Higher Education Institution advises that you have met all program requirements, the QCT will finalise your registration.

As a condition of employment as a teacher in Queensland, you are required to maintain annual registration with the QCT.

Provisional teacher registration

Most teachers are initially awarded Provisional Teacher Registration. The period of provisional registration represents a supported induction into the teaching profession in Queensland.

To be eligible for full registration, teachers must complete the QCT's provisional to full registration process.

Experienced teachers who hold teacher registration in another Australian state or territory, or other country may be able to apply under mutual recognition arrangements.

Working with children requirements

Instrumental music instructors, community and assistant teachers are not required to obtain teacher registration, but are required to obtain a Blue Card to work with children.

Applicants who hold current Queensland teacher registration do not need to obtain a Blue Card.

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Last updated 08 March 2017