Professional requirements

To be eligible to be employed as a teacher in a Queensland school, you need to obtain a  teacher registration from the Queensland College of Teachers (QCT).  The QCT is a separate authority to the department and manages all teacher registrations in Queensland, including state and non-state schools.

Each teacher employed in Queensland is required to meet the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) which informs all elements of high quality teaching and the development of professional learning goals.

The APST are developed by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) in consultation with the department and the QCT.

These professional standards can be used by teachers in Queensland state schools to recognise their current and developing capabilities, professional aspirations and achievements and is also used for registration purposes.

The APST are organised into four career stages and guide the preparation, support and development of teachers. The stages represent the continuum of a teacher's developing professional expertise from undergraduate preparation through to being an exemplary classroom practitioner and a leader in the profession.

Professional experience in schools

Professional experience, otherwise known as a practicum or prac, is a vital component of studying teaching and includes supervised student teacher placements, wider field experiences and internships. This process allows preservice teachers to engage in all aspects of the teaching process in different school settings and with a range of learners.

The minimum professional experience requirements are established by the Queensland College of Teachers.

In most instances, professional experience placements are organised by the professional experience team in each Higher Education Institution (HEI). These teams negotiate directly with schools across Queensland to ensure all preservice teachers complete the minimum professional experience requirements for teacher registration.

Professional experience in rural and remote areas

Preservice teachers should consider completing at least one professional experience placement in a school in a regional, rural or remote location. Many schools in these locations welcome the opportunity to support preservice teachers and engage them in their school community.

The Beyond the Range - Professional Experience Grants support high-achieving preservice teachers to undertake a professional experience placement in a rural or remote Queensland state school.

The professional experience reporting framework provides a guide for the supervision and assessment of preservice teachers during their placements and is used by all Queensland HEIs.

Last updated 08 March 2017

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