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Our Teach Queensland podcast showcases the diverse career opportunities available to teachers in state schools across Queensland.

We’ll be chatting to a wide variety of people on the podcast, including teachers, school leaders and recruiters.

We’ll discuss the support, career paths and benefits available to our teachers providing an insight into the broad range of communities where state schools are located across our state and sharing details on how we can support you to become a teacher.

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Episode 1: Serena

Find out how Serena’s first love of science helped her dreams of becoming a real-life Miss Frizzle a reality. A change in career to teaching gave Serena the ability to combine her passions of travel, adventure and conservation in a dream role on remote Mornington Island. In this podcast, hear her how she made meaningful connections at the Teach Queensland Career Fair which inspired her to work in this community.

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Episode 2: Lauren

In this episode, hear how Lauren's teaching career has taken her and her family on adventures across Queensland. From the first move after university to being a mother of three, Lauren will explain how as a state school teacher, she has been able to share her passion of health and wellbeing with students, while juggling a family and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

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Episode 3: Katrina

In this podcast, hear from Katrina as she recounts stories of how she has been able to make an impact on the lives of children throughout her career, and why she loves teaching middle primary students. She'll also share her experiences throughout her diverse career as a beginning teacher, principal, curriculum advisor and education ambassador and give her advice to those moving to a rural or remote location to teach.

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Episode 4: Joel

In this jam-packed podcast, Joel reflects on what it was like to move to the small town of Emerald in Central Queensland to take up his first teaching job, including what surprised him the most. He shares the support he received as a graduate teacher and explores the similarities and differences of doing professional experience compared to your very own classroom. Finally, he reminisces about teaching in Emerald and the life-long connections he made.

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Last updated 22 October 2020