Start your students on their teaching journey while they’re in school


From the start of the 2020 school year, secondary and P–10/12 state schools will have new opportunities to support and encourage their students to consider teaching as a career.

In 2019, 15 state schools have been piloting and helping to develop the new Future Teachers program and Future Teachers Club.  

Schools interested in offering one or both of these new initiatives to their students in 2020 are invited to submit an expression of interest.

The Future Teachers Program

The program enables cohorts of students in Years 11 and 12 to undertake introductory teacher education courses (PDF, 5.8MB) through a Queensland university, in conjunction with their senior secondary studies. It offers students with a supported pathway into an Initial Teacher Education qualification, and provides them with credit for tertiary courses completed while at secondary school.

The Future Teachers Club 

The club is an extra/co-curricular opportunity that enables students, in Years 7–10, to explore the work of teachers and fosters an interest in teaching as a highly desirable career.

The Future Teachers Bursary 

Students who are studying introductory teacher education courses through a Queensland university in conjunction with their senior studies, and who are not part of a Future Teachers Program, may be eligible for financial and peer support. The Future Teachers Bursary covers the cost of subjects, and helps with some study related costs. 

These initiatives have been developed in collaboration with the pilot schools, to ensure consistency and quality while allowing flexibility to tailor the experience to each school community.

Participating schools

The department will provide participating schools with a range of support and resources to assist in the development and effective delivery of the Future Teachers Program and Club. 

The responsibilities of participating schools include:

  • selecting a committed and capable staff member to coordinate and facilitate the program and/or club
  • implementing the program and/or club according to the approved guidelines
  • promoting the program and/or club to students, parents and staff
  • providing feedback about the program and/or club and the students involved.

Express your interest

Interested schools in offering the Future Teachers Program and/or Club from the start of the 2020 school year are asked to complete the expression of interest (EOI) form by Thursday 31 October 2019.

Express your interest

Completion of the EOI does not constitute a commitment to offering the programs, but rather provides the Future Teachers team to provide interested schools with additional information before seeking their commitment. Support for interested schools will also be sought from the relevant Regional Director before confirming eligibility.

More information

Detailed information about the Future Teachers program and Future Teachers Club is provided below: 

Future Teachers Project overview (PDF, 472KB) 

Future Teachers Program 2020 university partners (PDF, 5.8MB) 

If you have any queries, please contact the Future Teachers Project team at

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Last updated 14 November 2019