What jobs will be available?

If you're thinking about studying teaching or are a current preservice teacher, you're probably wondering what teaching jobs will be available at the end of your course. While it can be harder to gain a permanent position within Brisbane metropolitan schools, there are a range of high priority locations and teaching areas throughout the state that continue to need passionate and enthusiastic educators.

Teach rural

For a unique and life changing way to start your teaching career, why not consider teaching in a regional, rural or remote community? State schools in these locations are more likely to have jobs available and offer a range of lifestyle opportunities you may not get to experience in the city.

With over half of Queensland's state schools in rural and remote communities, widening your employment location preferences may increase your chances of gaining a teaching position. The majority of permanent teaching vacancies each year are in the Darling Downs South West, Central Queensland, North Queensland and Far North Queensland regions.

Teachers in our rural and remote communities have access to a range of additional incentives and benefits including:

  • Financial incentives for individuals and families
  • Relocation assistance
  • Subsidised housing (in some locations)
  • Greater opportunities for career advancement
  • Additional induction and professional learning opportunities.

High priority teaching areas

There are a range of teaching areas that are currently in demand and will continue to be in the next few years.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects

STEM teachers in Queensland state schools are one of the key areas of priority with teachers needed to teach subjects such as:

  • Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
  • Technology (Industrial Design and Technology, including Manual Arts)
  • Engineering (including Robotics)
  • Mathematics B and C.

Primary schools

High priority areas in primary school settings include:

  • All year levels (rural and remote communities)
  • Special Education
  • Language Studies
  • Music.

Secondary schools

High priority subject areas in secondary school settings include:

  • Special Education
  • Industrial Design Technologies (ITD)
  • Language Studies
  • Music
  • Senior English

Flexible job opportunities

As well as permanent, full-time positions, there are a range of employment options for teachers including permanent part-time, temporary and casual teaching.

The department considers temporary and casual teachers a vital component of its workforce.

Find out more about our flexible work options.

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Last updated 04 December 2018

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