Suitability assessments

​Discontinuation of teacher suitability assessment ranking process

The Department of Education has reviewed the teacher suitability assessment ranking process and, as of April 2018, there is no longer a requirement for teachers to have a suitability assessment interview and subsequent ranking in order to be considered for permanent or temporary employment as a general classroom teacher.

This now makes way for a more streamlined pathway into the teaching profession. Check out the Teacher eligibility page for more information on our minimum entry requirements.

This year will see further changes to the recruitment and ongoing employment of teachers in temporary positions. In order for schools to make informed hiring decisions, teachers will be asked to participate in a classroom observation if engaged in a temporary position. For further information, see Introducing classroom observations for temporary teachers article below and be sure to subscribe to the Teach Queensland newsletter to stay up-to-date.

Teachers who have previously undergone a suitability assessment interview and received a ranking of Outstanding Applicant, High Performing Applicant, High Sound Applicant or Low Sound Applicant are considered as meeting the minimum requirements and are eligible for all categories of employment.

Teachers previously assessed as unsuitable or marginal applicants and still retain this rank should email the department to discuss their employment eligibility

Instrumental Music teachers still require proficiency assessments. Please contact us for more information.

Introducing classroom observations for temporary teachers

From Term 2, 2019 the Department of Education will introduce the Exit Summary and Observation Report (ESOR) as a requirement for all teachers employed temporarily for one term or greater at any one school location.

Eligible teachers will be required to undergo an observation in the classroom by a classified officer at their school. Following the classroom observation, a one-on-one feedback session with the observer will occur to discuss the teacher's strengths and opportunities to further develop their teaching practice. Observational comments and feedback is documented electronically on the ESOR template in the newly developed MyHR ESOR Online application.

A minimum of one observation and corresponding ESOR must be undertaken for each temporary engagement greater than one term at one school location. This does not necessarily have to be done towards the end of the employment contract. It may be appropriate depending on the length of the contract for multiple observations to be scheduled and this will be discussed between observer and teacher.

In addition to assisting temporary teachers with their professional development, the ESOR and subsequent one-on-one discussion will also provide the department with information on teacher applicant skills, capabilities and professional practice framework for referral of the applicant to future vacancies. Teachers will have read-only access to their reports and may present these to Principals as a professional reference for future employment opportunities.

Please email for more information.

Last updated 01 May 2019

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