Classroom observations for temporary teachers


​We've made a few changes to the way we recruit our temporary teachers. From Term 2, 2019, mandatory classroom observations will take place for all teachers who secure temporary employment for one term or more in our state schools.

What's involved?

Curriculum leaders from the school, such as principals or deputy principals, will conduct the classroom observations and have one-on-one conversations with you to discuss strengths and opportunities to improve your teaching practice.

Observation notes will be stored electronically as the Exit Summary and Observation Report (ESOR), which will be used by principals and recruitment teams as an additional tool during recruitment and selection processes. These online reports are stored on the ESOR Online Application, which may be accessed via MyHR.

You will have access to your ESOR once it’s completed, which you can use as a professional feedback statement when applying or being considered for future employment opportunities.

How many observations are required?

A minimum of one observation and corresponding report must be completed for each temporary engagement of one term or more at the one school location.

What's the benefit?

Classroom observations and the resulting report will assist you with your professional development. The reports will also help us understand your skills, capabilities and professional practice framework so we're better able to assess you for suitable future vacancies.

You'll have read-only and print access to your reports and may present them to principals as a professional feedback statement when applying or being considered for future employment opportunities.

Need more information?

You can email with any questions.


Discontinuation of teacher suitability assessment ranking process

In 2018, we discontinued the Suitability Assessment Ranking process. This makes way for a more streamlined pathway into the teaching profession.

As long as you meet our minimum requirements for employment, you can be considered for vacancies as they arise. Check out teacher eligibility for more information on our minimum entry requirements.

Instrumental Music teachers/instructors still require proficiency assessments. You can contact us for more information.

Already had your suitability assessment interview and ranking?

If you previously completed a suitability assessment interview and received a ranking of outstanding applicant, high performing applicant, high sound applicant or low sound applicant, you're considered as having met the minimum requirements for teaching and are eligible for all categories of employment with us.

If you were previously assessed as an unsuitable or marginal applicant and still retain this rank, please get in touch with our team to discuss your employment eligibility. Email to learn more.

Last updated 26 March 2021